Our Company

Trioscape Space Planning Ltd was re-branded from Trioscape Planning Services Ltd which originated from Trioscape Architects, an indigenous architectural firm founded in 1994 by Architect Peter N. Opon. In 1997 the firm was renamed Trioscape Planning Services.The re-branding was done to accommodate more directors in the company having grown to a much larger enterprise handling larger projects which require more qualified Architects and support staff members. The main objectives of the firm are to offer quality built environments within the client’s budget and time frame. The company gives equal attention to the building and their immediate environs to achieve a harmonious relationship between the inside and outside. The firm has grown from very humble beginnings, handling small projects in its first two years to major institutions.

Feasibility Studies

We team up with the project sponsors and other professionals in identifying the key benefits and viability of projects so that critical investment decisions are made from a fully informed position.

Preliminary Studies & Design

Our core expertise includes developing the client’s briefs within their cost budgets and time-lines. As part of project team, we study alternative design solutions in order to assist the project sponsors determine final best viable solutions and alternatives. These solutions are prepared on the basis of design, cost, aesthetics, space planning, site topography, geology, climate and environmental concerns as major design determining factors.

Project Development

Upon the project sponsors choice of solution, we utilize our extensive hands-on experience and creativity together with that of the other consultants in the construction business to develop the final project. This process involves production of, Preliminary design and layouts, Detailed Design and drawings, Tender action and supervision of the construction works on site. These are produced by our in house, fully integrated CADS system.

Technical Specifications, Evaluation and Audit

Construction specifications and detailing are part and parcel of the core service we provide. We also undertake design and evaluations of new and existing projects as well as provide Technical Audits for existing projects.